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Internet par Satellite ( Accès Bidirectionnel) on Atlantic Bird 3

Spectrum Linkstar AB3
Frequency spectrum around 12.6 GHz,  Vertical.

Atlantic Bird 3 at orbit 8 west longitude.  ViaSat Linkstar service at 12,649 GHz,
Vertical polarisation down,   Horizontal polarisation up.  Symbol rate 27,500,000 FEC=5/6

The Atlantic Bird 3 satellite is located at 5 degrees west orbit longitude.

ViaSat LinkStar carrier shown at 12649 MHz. 

Use the satellite handbook for Atlantic Bird 3 satellite from Eutelsat for the uplink G/T and power flux density contour figures and also for downlink EIRP figures in your link budget calculations.

Latest spectrum view, as seen from the UK, is as below:

AB3 frequency spectrum

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