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The following new C band BUC are for sale, direct from the manufacturer, NEXGENWAVE.
Power output is 2, 5 or 10 watts.

Models available are:

TA33-LPF 2 W 5.85 - 6.425 GHz
TA33-MPF 2 W 6.725 - 7.025 GHz (Insat)
TA33-NPF 2W 6.425 - 6.725 (Palapa)

TA37-LPF 5W 5.85 - 6.425 GHz
TA37-MPF 5 W 6.725 - 7.025 GHz (Insat)
TA37-NPF 5W 6.425 - 6.725 (Palapa)

TA40-LPF 10W 5.85 - 6.425 GHz

2 or 5 watt C band BUC with N or F connector and CPR137G waveguide flange
2W C-band BUC

or  5W C-band BUC
(These links are to catalog pages, 190k pdf files)

10 watt version with N or F connector and CPR137G waveguide flange
10 Watt C-band BUC
(This link is to catalog page 390k pdf document)

C-Band BUC description

BUC is an abbreviation of "Block Up-Converter".   It is attached direct to the transmit waveguide flange of the filter/feed assembly of a VSAT dish, used for satellite communications, particularly in areas of heavy rainfall such as the tropics, or where the minimum possible outage time during very heavy rain is desired.  The IFL cable from the indoor equipment supplies DC power, a 10 MHz frequency reference plus the actual signals to be transmitted.  The signals to be transmitted are in a 575 or 300 MHz wide band, between 0.95 - 1.525 GHz or 1.1 - 1.4 GHz in the cable, which will be up-converted in the BUC to C band (5.85 - 6.425 GHz or 6.725 - 7.025 GHz for the INSAT satellite), using a local oscillator mixer frequency of 4.9 or 5.625 GHz.  So, Output frequency (GHz) = Input frequency (MHz) + 4.9 GHz or Output frequency (GHz) = Input frequency (MHz) + 5.625 GHz (INSAT).  The mixer local oscillator is locked to the 10 MHz frequency reference.

These C band BUCs come direct from the NEXGENWAVE who is the manufacturer and you will pay them directly and receive your BUC direct from them.  When you complete the enquiry form your contact details and the type and quantity of BUCs required will be sent to them.  They will then give you a quotation including shipping costs.   You may be responsible for additional taxes, VAT, customs duties etc. Your contract is direct with the BUC manufacturer, Nexgenwave, address: Si-Cox Tower #621, Sangdaewon 513-14, SeoungNam City, 462-120 Korea.  Tel: +82-31-777-9912    Fax: +82-31-777-9916    Your payment MUST be received and fully cleared before any goods will be dispatched.

5 watt C-Band BUC technical specification

BUC Input frequency range 950 - 1525 MHz
Input impedance (N or F type connector) 50 / 75 ohm
BUC Output frequency range 5.85 - 6.425 GHz
Output power @ 1 dB compression min 37 dBm (5 watt model)
Output connector CPR137G waveguide flange
Frequency sense, local oscillator freq. Non-inverting.   LO=4.9 GHz
Linear gain 54 - 64 dB, typ = 59 dB
Gain variation 1.5 dB p-to-p over 50 MHz,
4 dB p-to-p  over 575 MHz
4 dB over operating temperature range
Spurious - in band (320 kHz)
- in band (full span)
- in 3 GHz
<= -50 dBm
<= -23 dBm
<= -45 dBm
RF off but TX enabled: output power <= -45 dBm
Receive band noise density (3.4-4.8 GHz) <=-165 dBm/Hz
Phase noise @100 Hz
@10 KHz
@100 kHz
-60 dBc
-70 dBc
-80 dBc
-90 dBc
Required frequency reference input
phase noise @100Hz
@10 kHz
10 MHz
-125 dBc/Hz
-135 dBc/Hz
-140 dBc/Hz
DC supply voltage 15 to 24 volts
Power consumption <= 55 watts (5 W model)
Operating temperature -40 to +55 deg C
Storage temperature -40 to +75 deg C
Humidity 0 - 100%
Dimensions (length, width, height) 172.4 x 171 x 58 mm (2 and 5 watt models)
Mass 2 kg (5 watt type)

C band BUC sale: Price request

You need to send an email to Nexganwave requesting a price quotation. Please include full details of your requirements: Contact details: Phone number and full business address, quantity of BUCs required, frequency range, power output, any M&C required, any special requirements.

BUC sale prices:  Please send email to sales@nexgenwave.com

When they have your requirements they will be able to give you a price quotation. Please use recognisable company email address, not private hotmail, yahoo, msn etc and do not try to order these items using stolen credit cards or other frauds.  No goods will be dispatched until fully cleared funds have been credited.  Avoiding fraud will help keep the cost down for genuine customers.

The details shown here are subject to change.  Check with Nexgenwave regarding up to date technical details.

RF Hazard safety notice: Radio frequency hazard warning sign: Non ionisisng radiation

The output of the BUC is microwave power.  Although 2, 5 or 10 watts is less that in a domestic microwave oven (typically 800 watts) it has heating power and you must not allow it to heat or burn the human body.  It is most important is to avoid the microwave power getting to the human eye which has a lens which maybe destroyed by the heat.  There is no blood going through the lens to cool it down.  So never look into a waveguide and when the antenna system is working and do not put your head between the feed window and the dish or into the cylindrical beam which goes towards the satellite.

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