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SCPC hardware and Bandwidth needed

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May 18th, 2007 at 12:05pm  
Dear All,

All the VSAT providers only are invited to send their offers based on the below requirments, you may send your offer/questions to the following email:

Project Description: VOIP termination
Capacity: 2 E1s up to 12 E1s.
VSAT Hardware avilable: 2.4m Antenna C-Band, and 1.8m Antenna Ku-Band, 2 AND 3 Watt BUCs.

VOIP Hardware avilable:

  VOIP router avilable: Cisco AS5300.
  Type of Encoding: H323.

Your hardware should be able to handle the upgrade from 2 E1s to 12 E1s and must have  warranty.

Your compnay profile must be speicalist in VOIP and done this projects before.

You must be a VSAT provider not a reseller or agent, if you are agent or reseller you should coporate with him in order to provider his offer.

All the participates must have a registered company.

Best Regards

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