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Please Can somebody explain this to me???PLeaseeee

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Apr 5th, 2009 at 7:36pm  
Hello. I'm resident in Nigeria, been thinking of starting a cybercafe and speaking to some companies over here. One named IWAY had their rep send me this which I don't understand

I have proposed a dedicated platform  of CC12 of ratio 1:1 with an associated  monthly volume of 24 gigabytes and the cost is as indicated below.
The mail also had this

Service Description- 225 kbps
Recommended for  12 systems
1.2m vsat dish ,HNS7740 Modem & accessories

Yet I've researched and found that the above modem has 2 VOIP ports but i dont need that. So can the house please explain what ----CC12 of ratio 1:1 with an associated  monthly volume of 24 gigabytes----- means and offer me suggestions for their monthly bandwidth price is 5 times the cost of what i'm been offered on a KU band shared platform of 80/225 by another provider. Thanks.
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Eric Johnston
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Reply #1 - Apr 5th, 2009 at 9:25pm  
80k up/225k down, both dedicated should cost about $2135 per month assuming $7000 per 1 Mbit/s.
It would be suitable for up to 22 PCs.  With 12 PCs it would be quite a good service.  225kbit/s is about 75Gbytes per month if you decided to transmit/receive continuously all of the time.  That is what you are paying for in dedicated service.   In a dedicated system you must not be artifically limited to so many Gbytes per month (24 Gbytes as this case).

If you buy the same bit rate service but on a shared basis you will pay many times less but the number of PCs you can reasonably connect will be many time less also.  The average bit rates will also be many times lower.   If the sharing ratio is 10:1 you might connect just 1 or 2 PC.  The ISP needs to provide you with a fair access policy so that you get what you pay for.  Other sites will pay higher or lower tariffs and be throttled at more or less Mbytes per hour, day, month etc.

I have no idea was CC12 means.  Ask them.

Seek competitive quotes on page VSAT service providers Africa.  If you click on the red email link that says "Email all service providers" it will save you typing and you will get multiple quotes. There are links to more known service providers etc at the bottom of that page.  I hope they can help you.

Best regards, Eric.
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