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Recommended microwave spectrum analysers for sale

For hire and new sales, suitable for satellite antenna testing. New high cost spectrum analysers are suitable for testing modern modulation formats for all kinds of radio systems.

Anritsu MS2711B spectrum analyser
Anritsu MS2711B spectrum analyser

Covering the 100 kHz to 3.0 GHz frequency band, the MS2711B Handheld Spectrum Analyzer featuring a pre-amplifier (standard), a battery-operated, field-proven design so powerful, yet so small that it fits into your backpack.

Its exceptional performance combined with ease-of-use and broad functionality makes it an ideal solution for field environments and applications that require mobility such as site surveys and on-site system test.

More details of this and similar refurbished or new analysers on testequipmentconnection.com web site.

Agilent HP 8560E spectrum analyser
HP 8560E Spectrum analyser

The 8560E Portable Spectrum Analyzer offers excellent performance for RF design, manufacturing, and service applications. It has a frequency range of 30Hz to 2.9GHz. It features synthesized tuning for drift-free, accurate measurements.

Sensitivity is -145 dBm with noise sidebands typically less than -115 dBc/Hz at a 10kHz offset from 1GHz, more than 100 dB of spurious-free third-order dynamic range, and a TOI of up to +15 dBm. Digital resolution bandwidths range from 1 to 100Hz, and analog filters cover the resolution bandwidth range from 300Hz to 2MHz.

Low cost Spectrum analyser for sale from the USA

Spectrum analyser for sale

The Satlook 10-SSA2 Digital is a Swedish made Sat-TV Instrument and Spectrum-Analyzer. The unit is made for exact alignment and adjustment of Satellite Dishes. It is intended for professional use when high accuracy and precise information are needed..

From EMITOR manufacturer in Sweden

My old Tektronix 2792 Microwave Spectrum Analyser

Tektronix 2792 Microwave Spectrum Analyser

Frequency range:10 kHz to 21 GHz   Min resolution bandwidth: 1 kHz.   I have repaired a scrap analyser with new CRT tube, rotation coils etc and repairs to the front panel and internal parts.   It now works well(*) and it suitable for earth station dish antenna alignment, sidelobe pattern tests, sub reflector adjustments, focussing and Eutelsat or Intelsat G/T antenna acceptance tests.   It is heavy, approx 46 lb.  I don't have the handbook for this spectrum analyser.  I am interested in PC interconnection and any software to do waterfall type data collection.   Now faulty - when used on 14 GHz the wanted signal vanishes when narrow spans are selected.

HP/Agilent Spectrum Analysers
A variety of second-hand professional spectrum analysers, typically from teleports are available from

New portable and rack mount Spectrum Analysers for Sale

Spectrum analyser for sale

Spectrum analyser for sale

New Microwave Spectrum Analyser for Sale

Spectrum analyser for sale
Model: R3273

General purpose, 20Hz - 26.5GHz, 10Hz-10MHz RBW 20mS full sweep
-98 dBc(Hz) phase noise (26GHz, 10k offset), IEEE488 bus control
Spectrum analyser options: Digital measurements, W-CDMA, PSK, GSM, DECT, PDC, PHS etc

To enquire about the above analysers in this column please email contact.uk@rohde-schwarz.com at Rohde & Schwarz for brochures, options and current price quotations.

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