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Spectrum of DVB-S carrier showing symbol rate & bandwidth

Spectrum of DVB-S carrier

Spectrum plot of a DVB-S carrier

Symbol Rate= 27500 ksym/s


-3 dB 26.4 MHz,
-3.8 dB 27.5 MHz,
-4 dB 27.93 MHz,
-6 dB 30.27 MHz,
-12 dB 34.53 MHz.

Carrier to carrier spacing

Typical 27.5 * 1.3 = 36 MHz

This DVB-S satellite carrier spectrum plot may be useful for your reference purposes.

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Ref data: South East UK, 1.8m west, az=12.8cm, Skyrelay RF head, LO=11.3 GHz, Hotbird 13E, SKY ITALIA, 12.635 GHz

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