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Europe satellite frequency spectrum analyser plots - June 2006

The purpose of this page is to provide satellite frequency spectrums help you find the European geostationary arc satellites. This is an older page which is no longer being kept up to date.

Settings for the spectrum analyser:
When searching for a satellite, chose settings that will give a fast sweep rate under 250mS so you can move the dish at a reasonable speed without missing the satellite.
Suggested spectrum analyser settings:   Span 1 GHz (10.7 to 11.7 GHz or 11.7 - 12.7 GHz),
Resolution bandwidth 1 or 3 MHz,  video bandwidth 10 or 3 kHz
Centre frequency 1.45 GHz assuming an LNB with 9.75 GHz local oscillator.   Centre of display is then 11.2 GHz.
Centre frequency 1.6 GHz   assuming an LNB with 10.6 GHz local oscillator.   Centre of display is then 12.2 GHz.
Make sure video averaging and max hold are both OFF.
Set the LNB to horizontal polarisation and the local oscillator to 9.75 GHz (e.g. by using 19 volts ON and 22kHz tone OFF) or
Set the LNB to horizontal polarisation and the local oscillator to 10.6 GHz (e.g. by using 19 volts ON and 22kHz tone ON)

As soon as you find any satellite, compare the frequency spectrums and work out which way to go to get to your wanted satellite.

Note that carriers come and I do not update all the information here frequently.  You are welcome to send me eric@satsig.net   digital images of any frequency plots you have made for inclusion. Say if you want your name mentioned here as a credit.

Spectrum analyser plot for 39 east to 64 deg west longitude satellites - horizontal polarisation

Spectrum analyser plot

For ViaSat LinkStar carrier on AB-1 at 5 west go to Atlantic Bird 3 Viasat LinkStar carrier spectrum shown with 300 MHz span.

The spectrum images above show spectrums for E-BIRD, EUROBIRD, ASTRA, EUTELSAT HOTBIRD, AMOS-2, ATLANTIC BIRD-3 , TELECOM 2D.  The frequency spectrums for the Eutelsat 16 degree east satellite, AMOS-2 at 4 west, Atlantic Bird 3 at 5 west and Telecom-2d at 8 west were added on 1st July 2004.     AMOS and Atlantic Bird 3 edited 7 Oct 04. Telstar 12 to NSS-7 added 10 Oct 2004.

Page created 29 June 2004, most recent amendment March 2006, all frequency spectrums checked and amended. After this the details are out of date.

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