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Africa satellite service providers

Service on Telstar 11N: Europe-Africa

Service on IS904 west hemi: Europe-Africa

Service on IS905 east hemi: Europe-Africa

Service on Yamal200: Middle East Asia

iDirect Africa from Geolink

Constellation Network installers

Dish pointing in Southern Africa

Africa VSAT installers

Satellite dish pointing in West Africa

Satellite communications services in Africa, Middle East and Europe from Level421 teleport, Ulm, Germany.

Governmental organisations, large and small businesses, UN, NGOs, banks and home users all may use satellite communications terminals like this to provide quality links both for internet access and for VoIP telephone service.

Indoor satellite communications VSAT terminal    Example satellite communications VSAT dish

The indoor satellite modem may be connected to a single PC or may be connected via Ethernet cabling, router or wireless LAN to many company PCs, to internet cafe type services or as the node of a local community.

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Level421 GmbH, Küfergasse 11, 89073, Ulm, GERMANY


Phone: +49 731 140647 00    Fax:  +49 731 140647 11

Ulm Teleport hub dish

2.4 and 4.5m VSAT hub dishes

Transportable 2.4m VSAT

Level421 office building

Transportable VSAT feed assembly

Transporting VSAT by helicopter

4.5m teleport hub

Extensive coverage is obtained using a number of different satellites and beams:

Ku Band Africa: T11N, W3A, IS10 (Africa)

C Band Africa: IS904, IS905

C Band Middle Asia: Yamal200

Ku Band Middle Asia: AM1 WIDE

C Band Global: T10

Ku Band Europe: AM1 NARROW, T11N

The image below illustrates one example beam covering West Africa, Mid Africa and South Africa satellite communications map using the Ku band Eutelsat W3A coverage beam.

Eutelsat W3A beam coverage for Africa

Some of the content and images on this page were provided by Level421 and are reproduced here with their kind permission.

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