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Durban Communication Networks, Abuja, Nigeria, Africa

We wish to introduce our firm, Durban Communication Networks. We are a young, vibrant and highly innovative I.C.T (information and communication technology) solutions development company based in Abuja.

We are positioned to solve all your I.T. requirements and basically support your infrastructure to ensure a high return on investment (ROI).

We have, over the years during our travails in different fields gather information about what clients require to make their business successful.

In view of the above and indeed most things I.T., we have positioned our firm to be a one stop shop for all your needs. In addition to your considerable response, we look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.

Accept the assurance of our highest regards, always.

Yours truly,
Abiodun Abidoye
Cell: +2348023020325
Email:  aabidoye@durbanet.com

Products and Services

Internet Connectivity

Through the use of modern technology and concepts, we have devised and packaged products to suite and meet the specific small time power users like small offices and household units. In line with this, we have strong working alliance with world leading providers of equipment and services to make this package as cheap and affordable as possible.

Voice over IP phone calls

All Voice over IP services that are already in the market have been tested and are operational, yet, there is still room for a lot of improvement. We have therefore, decided to partner with major gateways around the world to bring you a low priced, high quality voice over IP service, with a view to enhancing customer service.

VSAT Installation and Support

We have an excellent working arrangement with world leading satellite service providers for the provision of VSAT equipment and bandwidth services to suite various purposes and needs.

Wireless Network Deployment:

With the advent of the WiFi technology and Hotspots deployment to build a metropolitan area network, we have skilled and competent wireless engineers who would build, operate and deploy all the necessary equipments to achieve a mobile internet community.

Data Recovery Service:

Data recovery involves, among other things, the low level extraction of restoration of Data from various storage media. We recover deleted but not overwritten files, folders and partition.

Computer Maintenance and Services:

Aside from sales and maintenance of computers and hardware, we also have tested professionals who can effectively plan and implement your local and wide area networks. We provide routine maintenance and support check on systems to improved performance and reduce redundancy.

SMS Messaging Technology:

This is the use of our SMS gateway infrastructure to broadcast short messages in bulk as text messages to any mobile phone number anywhere in the world irrespective of the mobile network carrier. The messages will be customized so as to enable companies wishing to send information to their shareholders, announcement of events, emergency meetings and all forms of adverts to be viewed via the recipient's mobile phone.

Our Company:

Durban Communication Networks Ltd... Is a solution provider based in Nigeria with our corporate office in Abuja. The company commenced business 2000 as a computer support company called nitrom Systems, then joined a group for Information Technology Solutions in 2003, called Strataip, and now since its incorporation, in 2006, has included telecommunication services and total solution integration into its bouquet of solution and service offerings. We undertake VSAT design and installation, communication equipment installation including PABX and other communication system accessories, computer systems Maintenance, supply, networking, and Internet Service Provisioning. We also provide sms messaging technology solutions.


Our mission is to build functional and practical solutions based on current and available technology to solve the business needs of our clients, thereby maximizing the client's business opportunities while building a formidable relationship.


Our company's objectives are to introduce new concepts to product development, execution and project management in the IT world. This will ultimately revolutionize the way we view the IT field, while expanding the application of IT into other fields like Agriculture, Travel and Tourism, Health and most especially, e-commerce and education.

Web Development, Domain name registration & Web Hosting

With the aim of increasing profitability and making positive changes in organizations through the development of websites that work for both new businesses and existing ones. Putting into consideration that most organizations just have websites that do not function, either because they do not know how their website can positively move their organization forward we have a research team that makes sure that:

A. your website increases sales and public reputation of your organization,
B. people would want to come back after visiting your website,
C. your website will satisfy the information needs of clients.

All these and much more are what we put into consideration before working on projects because here at Durban Communication Networks, we seek opportunities where we can serve our clients better.


For an e-govt roll out, we implement into one solution the following:

* Power systems fortification
* Infrastructure - LAN, WAN, Internet access
* Integrated and secured Portal
* Data Centre solutions
* Business software solutions - this is where we play (...some are Third party front-end applications)
* Capacity building

Software solutions are proposed depending on what business challenge the Client wants to solve. Typically, they include:

* Enterprise Portal
* Financial Management
* Human Resources Management
* Document Management
* Document Authentication
* Enterprise Content Management
* Messaging and Collaboration, chat, web conferencing, calandering, etc
* Asset Management
* Inventory
* Case Management
* Access and identity management
* Training to cover selected modules

Clients Information Center
Durban Communication Networks
Tel:+234 9 6730908

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