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Gateway Communications - Connecting Africa

Information about Gateway Communications...

Gateway is a leading pan-African connectivity service provider operating Africa's largest international network directly connecting over 40 African countries.

They have a long history of innovation in Africa, with operations dating back to 1991.

Their base of over 1,200 large customers includes Africa's leading mobile and fixed line telecom operators as well as multinational and large businesses from the oil / gas, banking, mining and manufacturing sectors.

They provide a broad range of connectivity services (voice, cellular backhaul, international, GPRS / internet, VSAT, VPNs), applications and management services.

The workforce comprises some 360 skilled employees in 14 countries across Africa, plus Belgium, France, Switzerland and the UK.

They have a large international network with over 45 equivalent transponders of satellite capacity over Africa, 24 fully owned teleports and substantial terrestrial and sub sea capacity.

For further information please contact:

Stuart Hardy
Sales & Marketing
Building 12 Harrowdene Office Park Woodmead
tel: +27 11 797 3326
mobile +27 82 838 5302

New web site link:

Slogan: "Connecting Africa"

Countries mentioned in their email: Angola, Belgium, Cameroon, Cote d?Ivoire, France, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Tanzania, UK, Zimbabwe.

Gateway's Gosselies Teleport in Belgium
Gateway's Gosselies Teleport in Belgium

Hub equipment racks at the Gosselies Teleport, Belgium.
Hub equipment racks at the Gosselies Teleport, Belgium.

Geteway office in Accra, Ghana
Office in Accra, Ghana

Satellite Teleport antennas in Accra.
Teleport antennas in Accra.

VSAT hub equipment Abuja, Nigeria
Satellite equipment racks in Abuja, Nigeria

VSAT satellite antennas on roof
Satellite antennas on roof.

Large axi-symmetric Gregorian satellite antenna
Large axi-symmetric Gregorian antenna.

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