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Afrika Net

Level 412 satellite communications in Africa

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IS904 Africa hemi beam C band

Satellite Internet Kenya : broadband VSAT connection service, satellite TV, wireless broadband internet connection and VoIP service.

Fred Anyika - professional VSAT installer, Kenya, Africa ( Nairobi )

More details about his experience at VSAT installer and qualifications

VSAT work:


Contact details: 


Tel. 072 262 5135.  

PO Box 57618-00200  Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

Intersat Africa Ltd (IAL) have offices in Mombassa, Kenya.

Two-way satellite internet access using VSAT satellite dish.

Information about DVB digital satellite TV service and receive only reception in Kenya and surrounding area.

Wireless broadband internet connection for Kenya and Africa communities to enable sharing of satellite internet terminals amongst many end users.
VoIP connection for telephone calls.

Awards:  Achievement of the NEWskies GOLD customer award and also Recommended Service Provider status within record time qualifies IAL as the local company of global calibre.  A satellite Earth Station operated by IAL coupled with international connectivity through NEWskies is an automatic recipe for success.

For more information see his web site:  Intersat Africa Ltd 

Head of Network Operations : Emmanuel Macharia G.

I have a wealth of experience in the below fields.

  • Installation of  Satellite dishes ranging from 1.2m to 7.3m.

  • Installation of Tracking antennas.

  • Teleport engineering for SCPC / DVB links

  • Teleport engineering for VSAT HUBs: iDirect, Satpath Hughes.

  • Installation and maintenance of any SCPC or shared system modems.

 On the right are some of the dishes that I have done:

Contact details:

Tel + 254 722858418

Roof mounted VSAT dish installation in Kenya, Africa
Example 3.7m satellite dish, operating in C band on INTELSAT 906 and used for data transmission between Kenya and China ( Hong Kong), Location: Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya office: Intersat Africa Ltd.

Head Office: Intersat Africa Limited

1st Floor, Prosperity House, Westlands Rd.
P.O.Box 1015, Nairobi 00606,  Kenya.
Tel: 254-20-3585555      Fax: 254-20-3745467

Dish farm
Kenya Data Network Satellite Farm

3.8m offset dish
Emms 3.8 M offset

3.7m axisymmetric dish
3.7m First p2p C-band system in Africa

Newskies Nss10

This page incorporates some amended text and images kindly provided and used with the permission of Intersat Africa Ltd and Fred Anyika.

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