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Amazon reviewer: A customer
Informative.  Thanks for keeping a website like this free of charge to us beginners.. really appreciate people that help others not only for a profit
December 6, 2003

Hi, Just wanted to let you know your website is very informative and useful.
6 Oct 2004

Dear Mr Johnston,
I searched for some information in the internet regarding BGAN. Via Google I have found your page bgan .
Please be so kind and note that the information on your internet site is not correct! You are talking about REGIONAL BGAN and not BGAN. Please note that these are complete different systems.  Best regards.
7 Oct 04

Best regards
Thank you so much for dish pointing calculator https://www.satsig.net/ssazelm.htm !
Too [censored] bad that DirectTV doesn't have something equally good.
end -
30 Sep 04

Hi Eric,
Apparently the dish is melting in the heat!!!!!
Warmest regards
30 Sep 04

Dear Mr. Johnston,
Thank you very much about your wonderful dish pointing calculator....
Thank you, Mr. Johnston! From now on you have a friend in Bulgaria - it's me!
I wish you all the best! Yours :
28 Sep 04

Your VSAT pages are just marvellous, thanks for all good ideas and information you are supplying us with.
Best regards.
26 Sept 05

Bonjour Eric,
Je l'honneur de faire votre connaissance, j'en profite pour te félicite de ton article sur l'antenne VSAT et TV que je viens de lire sur Internet.
Je voudrais te signifier aussi que je vous serrais très reconnaissant si vous m'amener a connaître comment installer les antennes.
Je suis technicien en Informatique de l'IRC Internation Rescue Comittee.
3 April 2008



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