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Favicon.ico - favourite icon file - an explanation

If you are using the web browser 'Internet Explorer 5' or higher and you select a web site page as a 'favourite' then the browser sends a request to the web site server asking for a file called 'favicon.ico'.   'favicon.ico' is an icon file and will cause a small (minimum 48 x 48 pixel) icon to appear on the left side of the web page address bar in future.

My favourite icon is favicon

The icon I made up for this site represents several blue satellites in orbit around a red letter S. It is an abbreviated version to the company logo at the top of the web site home page.

If a web site has multiple directories it is only necessary to have a favicon.ico file in the root directory. The use of the favicon.ico file name is a default.   If you want, you may specify the filename for the favourite icon to be used for each particular page on your website, so in theory you can have different favicons for each page.

I have several favicon file names (but all with identical file contents) so that, for any particular page, I can count (using the log access count) the number of people making that particular page their favourite.

It may also be appropriate if your web site has several quite different themes or subjects for which different favicons are appropriate.   Another instance is when you can't access the root area of the website, such as where many people have 'personal web sites' each embedded in a directory of one big web site. e.g: http://www.bigco/jobloggspersonal/

The procedure is as follows. Access the source html text of your web pages and insert the following line in the top part between the <head> and </head> lines:

<link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="favicon2.ico">

Where "favicon2.ico" is the actual name (and directory) of your favicon file eg: "joebloggspersonal/faviconj.ico"

If you have a web site and want a favicon.ico file for it, send me an email with an attached graphics file picture such as .bmp, .gif, .jpeg etc showing your current logo or whatever and I will try to send you something back if I am not too busy.  There is no charge.    Send me an email

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