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Satellite dish pointing, for TV or VSAT - Nairobi, Kenya

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Choose your desired orbit longitude and satellite name below

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Instructions for satellite TV dish pointing in Kenya

Select the satellite you want to point your dish towards using the pull down menu box at the lower left.  The Eutelsat 7 (W3A) satellite, at 7 deg east longitude, is just an example.

For a list of satellites providing television services see this listing: https://www.lyngsat.com/freetv/Kenya.html.  It provides details of the orbit position, the beam involved (C band or Ku band) plus frequncy and details of the TV carriers. Many are Free to Air (FTA).

Put your grab hand shaped mouse cursor near your location, hold the left mouse down and  drag to the centre of the map.  Alternatively double click the hand.  The map display should now have moved so that the chosen location is in the middle and the scale enlarged. The latitude and longitude of the map centre is then shown below the map, together with your satellite dish pointing azimuth, elevation and polarisation angles.

To improve the accuracy, or if you wish to see your home, click on the plus sign +  the navigation box at the upper left side of the map.  The scale will enlarge so that you can home in accurately on your location. You may well be able to see a satellite picture of your house.

Satellite Dish pointing (Azimuth and elevation, left/right , up/down type mount):

Set the dish elevation angle first.   This is the up/down angle and there may be a scale on the back.  An inclinometer may be of use.  See here for instructions on how to make an inclinometer.  Setting the feed polarisation angle involves rotating the LNB.  There may be polarisation rotation scale on the feed throat.   Facing the satellite, clockwise is positive.

If you are looking for VSAT installer training in Kenya this site is recommended: https://e-enhancement.com/vsat-field-engineering

Details for some Kenya VSAT installers are listed by name at the top of this page.

For the azimuth bearing (side to side) use a magnetic compass and boldly swing the dish sideways around that angle.  You should find the satellite on the first swing, then spend half an hour peaking up.  Peaking up is really important for long term service quality and minimum outage time during any rain fades.  East is where the sun rises in Spring and Autumn, bearing 90 deg.  West is where the sun sets, bearing 270 deg.

Satellite TV Dish pointing (Polar mount):

Only your latitude matters.   Set the main motor axis angle and the small downward tilt of the dish and with the motor central align the dish towards the due south satellite.   Motor rotation angles to the east are positive, to the west negative. When you are near the equator the motor axis will be almost horizontal and the line of the satellites will be from the east to west horizon, via almost directly overhead.

The following towns are already shown at the initial scale: Kitale, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi and Mombassa.  More towns and villages appear as you increase the map scale.  If you want extra places marked such a your business, hotel or house please tell me and I will add them to the map.

The marked roads in Nairobi do not yet line up accurately with the images of the ground.  Sorry.

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