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Richard Muteru: VSAT installer Kenya

Fred Anyika VSAT installer Kenya

VSAT installer Zambia Kalwani

VSAT installer Nigeria-Bensat

VSAT installer Malawi

VSAT installer Kenya George Mbogoh Kariuki

Satellite installer Kenya Benedict Kiilu

Evans Ogao: VSAT installation and service in Kenya

Naphtali Nyaga: VSAT installation and service in Kenya, Mozambique

Fixed and transportable VSAT terminals, plus Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat, hand held, portable satellite phones and terminals.

VSAT service installer for Central and Eastern Africa, inc Mozambique.


Naphtali Nyaga

emails: knaphtali@gmail.com


Phone numbers:

+254 733 907438
+254 723 907438

With over four years of professional experience in Telecoms and IT systems, I am currently in charge of all projects involving fixed satellite systems. This entirely involves surveying, planning, scheduling and doing installation, maintenance and support of VSAT. On Ku and C-band in East and Central Africa.

I am also in charge of troubleshooting and resolving medium to complex network issues.

Network design, implementation and resolution of network connectivity problems.

Planning and deploying routine maintenance, testing new technologies & equipments and doing software upgrades whenever applicable.

I also do video and audio uplinks to various global state of the art studios for recording and re-transmission.


Administration - Broadcast - Installations - Implementation - Support- Maintenance

Data and Voice networking .Helpdesk Support, Performance Monitoring, V-sat Installations. Network Configuration. Convergence and Integration.

Satellite news Gathering systems support. Live and recorded uplink experience.1st to 3rd Line support .Troubleshooting & problem solving.

Expert Knowledge of LAN, Wi-Fi and Wireless Local Loop. Expert Knowledge/Experience in Both Fixed and Mobile satellite communication systems, iDirect Recovery.

I am able to work on ANY Link on Intelsat fleet of satellites, Eutelsat among Others.  Platforms: iDirect, Paradise Datacom, Comtec, SkyoneIP

Ku band VSAT installation
Ku-Band VSAT link - Intelsat 10

Self deploy VSAT installation
An auto-deploy mobile antenna. ITL Premises

Indoor satellite equipment
Indoor VSAT equipment

BGAN satellite terminal
Mobile BGAN Terminal

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