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Satellite forum - ice problems Jan 2008

VSAT antenna, feed and reflector anti-icing heaters.

Here are some pictures of antenna anti-icing systems for VSAT dishes.

The anti-icing heaters are typically made directly and only ON the antennas/feed, it is not often possible to buy them separately.

They are available for any kind of satellite antenna (Andrew, Visiosat, etc. 90cm, 96cm, 120cm, etc..) and they have been installed them at altitude of about 4,500 meters (Italian Alps) without problems.

All the anti-icing heaters are complete with thermostat.

Satellite RG-2, via Andrea Ponti, 15.,   20143 Milano, Italy

Contact: Aldo Fabiani   +39-02-89181052

Antenna anti-ice heater

Anti-ice heater applied to Viseosat antenna

Feed anti-ice heater

Heater for antenna feed window

Heaters to eliminate ice from antenna reflector, sub-reflector and feed systems


March 2024: There has been a recent Antesky contribution in the satsig forum about de-icing systems for large antennas. There are pictures of the anti-icing kits, the rear covering for a medium size dish and also hot air blowers for the feed window.

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