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Making YaBB work responsive to mobile screens

I've just installed a new forum using YaBB 2.6.11 and spent 4 hours trying to make it work better on mobile size screens. I have a Galaxy S3 with screen 360 x 640 pixels.  See Space and Satellite Communications forum

I am not quite there yet but would like to share what I have done so far for the forum home page, as follows. I use my sftp program to directly edit the relevant files and upload them while doing History Delete and page Refresh on Chrome browser with More Tools developer Tools turned on with responsive demo showing.



<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
under <head>


change min-width from 770px to 360px

add max-width:100%;
add height:auto;

change width from 91% to 99%

change from 10px to 12px

.nav, .nav a, .nav a:visited
change from 10px to 12px

.message, #message, .prevwin
change from 8px to 1em



Find 600px
Find 550px
Find 600px
Find 600px

Change all to 100%



Insert several &nbsp;  to space out the Social bookmarks, like this.

$show_bookmarks .=
qq~&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="$bm_url


Hope the above helps. Send queries to me at eric@satsig.net

► Page created 3 June 2017, amended 4th June 2017  Eric Johnston