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Adding images into YaBB forum

As a qualified forum member you may insert images into your posted messages.  To become qualified memer for image posting, you need to have posted several messages without images.  There are two methods of adding images.

1. You may upload the image to some server and then refer to that image.

To do this you need to insert into the text of your message something like these three examples:




Also, upload your image file, called for example, "satellite-dish-image.jpg" to a server.  This may be done by email attachment sent to me: eric@satsig.net and I will put it on the satsig server.  Alternatively, it is possible to use 3rd party servers such as flickr or dropbox or similar.  In this case I may copy the images to the satsig site and amend the links to make it more reliable and faster for the long term.

I may save your images using highly compressed gif format (reduced colour palette range 2 to 128 colours) or jpg format with reduced images size (pixel dimensions) or lower jpg quality. This eliminates an extra DNS look up and speeds up page loading. Small image file sizes are important for the satsig web site as many visitors are on slow connections. If you want an image deleting please tell me. eric@satsig.net

2. You may attach the image to your message.

Under the box where you enter your text there is an option to upload yourself one or more images. These images will be stored on the satsig server and displayed just below your posted text message. Please try to minimise the byte count of these images by adjusting the pixel size and jpg compression, if possible.  There are limits to the image file size and total of all images uploaded. New members may not be able to add attached images until they have put several text messages.

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