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Bell Express Vu reception in Florida bell express vu Problems with dish pointing trying to get a BEV signal in south FL
Adding images to YaBB forum.htm adding images yabb forum How to add images into YaBB type forum
Cost of satellite internet cost I'm paying HNS DirecWay $60USD/month for what they advertise as "up to" 400/128
Advertising in satsig forum advertising-in-satsig-forum advertising in satsig forum
Direcway fair use policy fair use policy "Fair use" policy   which means, in other words, if you use too much bandwidth, they slap a nasty restriction on your download speed
How to find your latitude and longitude - review comments forum feedback 1 First page of comments about my latitude longitude finder map.
Pointing Direcway dish pointing direcway dish I have DirecWay and have moved the motor home from the NC coast to central OK. Edmond to be exact.
Satellite in Nicaragua satellite nicaragua I am planning on retiring in Bluefields, Nicaragua. Is there satellite internet available ?
Satellite Internet for remote area remote area I am looking at direct way for a satellite internet system. I live in Southern Illinois and would have the system installed there
Satellite link in the Falklands falklands.htm Does anybody have any information regarding coverage of the Falkland Islands off South America?.  Satellite broadband wanted for home owners and businesses alike
Turkey - Broadband service required turkey I wish to set up a satellite internet capability (email / browsing) in Antalya, coastal Med, Turkey for c25 users across 5 sites in about 1km radius (? wireless LoS links?)
VSAT Equipment for sale vsat equipment for sale Capital Network has a large inventory of Hughes Network, Gilat and other gear for sale
Wildblue - When will it start? wildblue when will it start.htm Speculation about the start of the new Ka band service on the Anik F-2 satellite plus Press release regarding the start of the new Wildblue satellite internet access service in the USA.
Satellite internet in Paraguay ? Is it possible? How? Is there a possibility to install the broadband satellite system in Paraguay ?

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