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If you have an earth station for sale please email me eric@satsig.net with the details, and perhaps a picture please,  to put here.  There is no charge.

30 Jan 2011

SpaceBridge SATNET HUB, plus VSAT remote terminals, for sale.

These components can be sold in one bulk off or individual components sale.

The complete new unused Spacebridge SATNET with remote terminals.

Equipments listed here: Satnet VSAT hub sale + remotes.    Offer price: 56,000 USD (for all)

Added 9 Jan 2010, amended 3 Aug 2010

Former Earth Station for Sale/Sub-Lease

Unique facility-specific location approximately 20 miles from downtown Denver.

 Currently used as a fully functional data center.

 Location: Lat: 39.634417 Lon: -105.181917

. Former Earth Station with numerous existing concrete pads and underground conduit system
. All concrete construction
. 12 strand fiber connected to local Qwest Central Office
. FCC Licensed microwave to downtown Denver for bandwidth redundancy
. 100 pair of copper telephone lines
. New Powerware 160kVA UPS - Liebert 50kVA UPS
. New Zenith ATS Switch - Onan ATS Switch
. Cummings 250KW generator with 65 hours
. Onan 125KW generator with 464 hours
. Redundant a/c units
. Existing simulsat dish (pictured below)
. 20 year lease with 20 year option with landowner (started in 2007)
. Take over land lease at $2500 a month
. Redundant utility available from separate company available
. Comcast fiber available
. Built in deep bowl to mitigate interference

Price  $200,000 OBO

Please call Tom Nats for more information. 303-558-2155 ext. 201

Former Earth Station for sale, Denver, USA

Simulsat antenna on the left

Earth Station building with power, UPS, optic fibre and microwave connection etc

Added: 24 April 2009:

Several types of new antennas from Antesky, 13m, 11m, 7.3, 6.2m and 4.5m diameter.

Antesky Science Technology Inc.

Antesky Science Technology Inc. is specially engaged in designing, manufacturing and installing satellite communication earth station antenna and relevant servo equipments.

They can offer a complete line of earth station antenna products and systems, such as Satellite communication antennas, TVRO antennas, SNG Antennas, Flyaway antennas, antenna control system and tracking system.

Round out your system package with full service program management, design, documentation, installation, and testing.  The Antesky comprehensive service philosophy guarantees the final turnkey system solution meets or exceeds specified requirements.  Antesky designs each system individually, engineering, installing and testing to meet or exceed customer requirements and system specifications.  Antesky ESA satellite communications systems deliver the ultimate in performance and dependability in a single cost-effective package.

Contact person: Byron Xue  

e-mail: sales@antesky.com  

MSN: antesky@hotmail.com

tel 0086-29-88352448   fax 0086-29-88352334

Company: Antesky Science Technology Inc.

13m earth station for sale

13M earth station antenna

13M earth station antenna system of trussed type search and track the Satellite singles among the regulated operational frequency in the random, and has the capability to receive the singles within C/Ku band frequency 3.4-4.2GHz (dual circular polarization), 10.95-12.75GHz(dual linear polarization) conveniently and accurately.

System Characteristics
1) The main reflector adopts shaped Cassegrain antenna and designed by advanced CAD technology so that the antenna can get high efficiency, low noise temperature and low sidelobes.
2) Feed horn has the characteristics of highly effective corrugated horn, wide beamwidth and highly-purity polarization.
3) High reliable and anti-hash environment ability;
4) The design is more humane, more convenient to operate.
5) Adopt AC Speed motor drive control system, reliable and convenient to operate.

Operating Frequency, GHz
C-Band: Rx(3.625-4.2) Tx (5.85-6.425)
Ku-Band: Rx(10.95-12.75) Tx (13.75-14.5)
Polarization: Linear/ Circular
Radiation Pattern: First Sidelobe less than -14

Azimuth 170°
Elevation 0°-90°
Hot-dipped galvanization
Operational Wind 50km/h Gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 200km/h
Temperature - 40°C to 50°C

11m earth station for sale

11M earth station antenna

11M earth station antenna, which uses highly effective corrugated horn feed, provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics as well as low VSWR. The antenna system can fully meet the specifications associated with the international standards. The reflector is a composite structure in which the panels are stretch-formed and riveted with its rings and ribs with high accuracy and supported with backups so as to meet the designed surface accuracy.

Meets or exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements.
High G/T, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
Hot-dipped Zinc Steel Ground Mount Assembly
2-port or 4-port Linear/Circular Feed
High reliable and anti-hash environment ability;
The design is more humane, more convenient to operate.

Operating Frequency, GHz
C-Band:Rx(3.625-4.2) Tx(5.85-6.425)
Ku-Band:Rx(10.95-12.75) Tx(14.0-14.5)
Polarization: Linear/ Circular Linear

Azimuth 0°-170° (Continuous)
Elevation 0°-90°(Continuous)
Polarization Travel Rate (manual) ±45°
Operational Wind 72km/h Gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Temperature - 40°C - + 60°C

6.2m earth station antenna for sale

Antesky 6.2-meter earth station antenna

Antesky 6.2-meter earth station antenna, which uses a shaped parabolic reflector, provides high gain and exceptional pattern characteristics as well as low VSWR. Its electrical performance can meet domestic and international standards. The main reflector surface is comprised of 16 individual adjustable aluminum panels. The panels of the main reflector are comprised of aluminum sheets and ribs which are stretch-formed, and are riveted on the special mould.
Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements
High G/T, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
Hot-dipped Zinc Steel Ground Mount Assembly
2-port or 4-port Linear/Circular Feed
Self-aligning reflectors without using theodolite
Easy for installation

Operating Frequency, GHz
C-Band:Rx(3.625-4.2) Tx(5.85-6.425)
Ku-Band:Rx(10.95-12.75) Tx(14.0-14.5)
Polarization: Linear/ Circular Linear

Azimuth ±90° (Continuous)
Elevation 0°-90°(Continuous)
Polarization 180°(Continuous)
Operational Wind 72km/h Gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Temperature - 40°C - + 60°C

4.5m earth station antenna for sale

Antesky 4.5M C-Band earth station antennas

Antesky 4.5M C-Band earth station antennas are well suited for the needs of customers and systems integrators operating in various industries, it is designed to enable systems integrators and designers to bring their antenna systems on line faster and more economically. These antennas can be used in virtually a wide variety of applications.
The advantages of Antesky products: Competitive pricing, guaranteed high-qualified antenna structure, excellent performance, complete logistical support and as-perfect-as-possible after sale service.
The Antesky 4.5M C-Band earth station antenna is made from aluminium panels, mounts in galvanized steel are equipped with careful surface support dish, which make the antenna strong and reliable for a long time. The 4.5m antenna has a uniquely formed dual-reflector prime focus system, which is closely coupled with close-tolerance manufacturing techniques for accurate surface contour, high gain, efficiency, and closely-controlled pattern characteristics. The C-Band antenna's circular feed system can be changed manually in the field from circular to linear polarization.

Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT Requirements
High G/T, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
Hot-dipped Zinc Steel Ground Mount Assembly
2-port or 4-port Linear/Circular Feed

Azimuth ±60° (Continuous)
Elevation 0°-90°(Continuous)
Operational Wind 72km/h Gusting to 97km/h
Survival Wind 216km/h
Temperature - 40°C - + 60°C

Added 15th Jan 2009

Jamesburg earth station

Unique facility-specific location in a Wi-Fi free valley approximately twenty miles from Hwy 101 and Hwy 1.  Monterey County Municipal Regional Airport is 40 minutes from site.  US Naval Language Institute is located within 30 minutes of this facility.  Skilled labor pool available in the area.

Facility Type: Built to military specifications in 1968, designed to withstand a 5 megaton nuclear blast, high security facility with 8' barb-wired
fencing and surrounded by open 160 acre grass land.

Originally transmitted C-band, single class "A" fully mechanically operational, new roof, redundant 40 ton chillers, 12,000v/3-phase
power, loading dock, fiber optic OC-48 cabling to site, 12 T-1 lines, generator room, battery room, UPS, 20' ceilings and many more
features.   Satellite Bands: FCC licensed to uplink and downlink in C-band. Can directly broadcast to South Pacific, Asia, South America, Caribbean and United States.

Land:  160 acres divided into 3 separate parcels of 11.62, 46.32 and 103 acres including the Earth Station. Two wells on property producing abundant water supply. Caretakers house is located within the 11.62 acre site and has been recently remodeled. Building Site: 22,718 sq ft +/- potential for 120,000 SF Total.

Multiple use permit in place with the possibility of installing more smaller dishes within a 10 acre building site around current 4.5 acre
Earth Station Complex.

Asking price: Upon Request    Contact: Jeffrey W. Bullis - 408-666-8431 - jwbullis@yahoo.com

11 and 7 m earth stations for sale

Located Turks and Caicos Islands in the West Indies.   11 and 7 metre redundant cable and wireless earth stations for sale. Interested please email me.   Herbie  herbie@tciway.tc

HNS PES VSAT hubs for sale

9 June 2007, updated 27 July 2007,  We have multiple HNS PES 5000 hubs for sale.  It has the latest version of equipment. They are still powered on and have been in service since 1999.  They are in excellent condition.  If you are interested, I can provide photos and more information.  We can also provide the installation as well, and offer a warranty.  Below is an inventory of the equipment that comes with it.  We can offer them for USD$14K each or two hubs for $25K.
We also carry a wide variety of HNS equipment.
Baseband Equipment    
The Baseband racks consist of:  
Qty 2 NCC2's    
Qty 2 Super Lim MIB Gateways the Ethernet rear interface cards  
Qty 5 Super Lim front cards with 8 RS530 port rear interface cards (We can change these to Ethernet if required)  
Qty 3 card cages with the bus repeater/terminator cards  
Qty 8 VICOR power supplies  
Qty 1 10 Mb Ethernet hub  
Qty 1 Blower  
Qty 1 Alarm Panel  
IF Equipment  
The IF racks consist of:  
Qty 3 card cages with the bus repeater and terminator cards  
Qty 1 Network Distribution Panel  
Qty 1 System Distribution Panel  
Qty 2 UMODs  
Qty 5 DTM/DCM/SFM BCD cards (BCD for the PES 5000)  
Qty 8 Vicor power supplies  
Qty 1 Blower  
Please E-mail me at richie@gesvsat.com  for more details

Fully Redundant 6.1m Scientific Atlanta Satellite Earth Station, 350W Ku band TWTAs, Motor drives, tracking, Generator, UPS, Skystream SMR DVB-IP, RCT Engineering Radio Station.

Suitable for satellite TV uplinking, VSAT hub etc.

Click for details: Satellite Earth Station for sale

Large new satellite antennas for sale


For new earth station antennas, small, medium, large, very large, tracking systems, etc, delivered and installed anywhere,



Patriot Antennas

Earth Station Antennas soon to be for sale....

2 Feb 2007

All ESA's are in the Western US, and are in the process of being taken offline and decommissioned.

If you have any questions, interest, or would like more information, feel free to contact me.  Cascadian-Ice@hotmail.com   Thank you,  Wayne

SkyLinx VSAT gateway complete and working with a few customer sites.

18th May 2005

Operating in the Eutelsat DSAT-160 service.  Instant set up data and voice calls.

The gateway hub has the following specifications:
- 30 x Digital channel units
- 1 x analog channel for testing
- 1 x RF
- Extra new RF in stock
- 1 Remote data channel
- 2.4m Prodelin Ku band dish, 2.5 W transmitter, 8 W booster
- 48 V converter for 8 W booster

Meanwhile expressions of interest to me:  eric@satsig.net

Gilat Skystar VSAT hub for sale

November 6th 2004

Hello all.   We have a complete running teleport for sale with Gilat Skystar Advantage version 6 (latest) -2 Redundant Hubs and RF gear Redundant 300 watt Ku band amplifiers.

Serious enquiries only.

Will decommission and help setup where needs to go, can see it in operation. currently running about 200 sites.
Email me at network2k@juno.com    Thanks.

Sorry: No longer available:  Old advert details:

Teleport in Manchester.  Sold

Teleport satellite antennas for sale,
ideal for VSAT teleport hub, data or TV service, complete with two equipment shelters and indoor office and rack area.
Satellite Hub Sale
FOR SALE: Two large Hub Antennas in Prime L A Location
April 14th, 2003
Located at the Transamerica Centre in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA.
This is a prime rooftop location at South Hill and Broadway.

Advert last amended: 30 Dec 2004

Reference: Via Satellite magazine: May and April 2003
Comments by Eric Johnston: These two large transmit / receive Ku band satellite dishes would be suitable for a dual VSAT teleport hub earth station serving thousands of remote internet customers, each equipped with a small VSAT dish terminal. Each dish has feed and sub-reflector for Ku band operation. From Los Angeles you can work to satellites above both the Pacific and the Americas, so by choosing appropriate satellites, coverage is possible throughout Canada, North, Central and South America as well as the Pacific islands and Pacific rim. Links to Europe are not possible, you would need to move the dishes towards the east coast of the America.

The antennas could alternatively serve as an uplink / downlink television broadcasting teleport earth station both transmitting, receiving and relaying programme material. The indoor office and equipment areas might be converted to TV or sound programme studio or studios, or network operations centre (NOC).

The outdoor roof area is very large and flat and is safe for working around each dish - I've been there myself - it is very nice on a sunny day!.

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