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Linkserve.net  Serving any & every location in Nigeria & West Africa

Using NSS-7 sat at geostationary orbit position of 338.5E longitude.
This satellite has a high power Ku band spot beam pointed at West Africa.

West Africa satellite internet service
Work out what dish size you need above.

Plot 308 Adeola Odeku Street,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel.: +234 1 2623900 Fax.: +234 1 262 3906

The service provided is two-way dedicated satellite broadband with internet via a direct access connection. It is suitable for small businesses and internet cafes.

Downlink: up to 512kbit/s download speed.   Uplink (from your VSAT terminal dish to the hub teleport): up to 256k.

Suggested monthly services, based on the number of PCs at your site:-

up/down kbit/s No of PCs No of VoIP phones  Comment
34/128 20 1
34/256 30 2 Fast down load
34/512 30 2 Very fast download
68/128 25 2
68/256 35 2
128/256 30 2  
265/512 50 2

Click now > info@linkserve.net to email for more details
Using quality ViaSat LinkStar equipment.

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