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The ProtoStar I satellite was built by Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) as the ChinaSat-8 satellite. On January 5, 2007 SS/L announced the satellite, which had been in storage, would be modified to meet ProtoStar's requirements.

Launched July 7, 2008.  ProtoStar I was placed into its geostationary orbital location of 98.5 degrees East Longitude. Official launch ID: 08034A

The satellite has had multiple names since launch: Protostar 1, Chinasat 8, Zhongxing 8 and Intelsat 25.

Original ProtoStar-1 satellite beam coverage
Original ProtoStar-1 satellite beam coverage pattern from 98.5 E orbit position.

Following the sale of ProtoStar I in bankruptcy auction, October 29, 2009, and the completion of the sale to Intelsat for $210M, the satellite was re-named Intelsat 25.

More info:

IS-25 coverage
Intelsat 25   C band beam 31.5 deg west

IS-25 Ku-1 coverage
Intelsat 25   Ku band beam

IS-25 Ku-2 coverage
Intelsat 25   Ku band beam

Intelsat 25 will serve for African market at 31.5 West orbital location.

INTELSAT 25 has 36 high power C-band transponders and 16 Ku-Band transponders.

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