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Telenor Dedicated Access.

Dedicated service

Dedicated access is an always-on IP backbone service via Teleports in Oslo and London.

Dedicated satellite link connections

Telenor Dedicated Satellite Access is intended for Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Voice carriers, miltiary and governement orgainisations who need a minimum of 512kbit/s.  Note that your satellite capacity is dedicated to you only.  You are not sharing the capacity with other satellite customers.

Telenor use thier own satellite capacity located 1° West, as well as third party capacity on other satellites including Telstar 12 and Intelsat 12.
The teleport facility is based on antennas ranging from 3.7m to 11m antennas, with high speed modems connected via redundant Cisco Routers that are multi homed with Tier 1 providers.

MCPC, SCPC, DVB and Mesh Networks

Dedicated service uses state or the art modulation and coding to achieve high bandwidth efficiency and least monthly cost.

  • MCPC for point to multipoint links.
  • SCPC (both ways) for point to point services.
  • SCPC (return link) and dedicated capacity within DVB (outlink).
  • Hub-less Mesh Networks  capable of providing single hop connectivity, burstable bandwidth and Network Control remotely via SNMP.

Features and Benefits

  • State of the art VSAT technology
  • High power C and Ku band space segment
  • Global Internet access through multiple Tier one suppliers
  • 24 hour operations
  • Easily upgradeable via remote configuration
  • Asymmetric connectively available
  • Low latency service provision
  • Very high QOS with customised SLA
  • 512kbit/s -155 Mbit/s
  • Online access to traffic and network performance.

Telenor satellite communications teleports

Contact: Telenor Satellite Broadcasting    email:

CEE:  Business Park Sofia, Sport Depot fl.3, Mladost 4, 1766 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 2 97 44 911

UK: 40 Bernard Street, London, WC1N 1LE
Tel +44 (0) 207 923 6500

Norway: Snarøyveien 30, 1331 Fornebu
Tel +47 67 89 00 00

Telenor satellite communications images

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