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NSTT have introduced a new broadband satellite internet service called GOSAT on the INTELSAT-15 satellite.

GOSat is uniquely capable of delivering the high scalability and high performing network solution for individual customer, small and medium enterprise (SME). With its built-in wireless LAN1 and Ethernet interfaces (10/100Mbps), this economical, high-performance terminal integrates seamlessly into a home-based network.

GOSAT has the capability of delivering fast two-way data, secure and reliable bandwidth-on-demand to variety of Digital Communication Services. As part of ViaSat’s GOSAT Broadband Satellite Access Network, the terminal allows you to offer easy-to-use, low-cost broadband Internet access to both current and new markets.

GOSAT Ku band coverage beam: Intelsat 15 at 85 deg east orbit

This coverage map shows the GOSAT service being operated on the Intelsat 15 satellite at 85 deg east orbit position.  It offers high elevation angle operation for countries throughout the Middle East region.

Consisting of an indoor unit (IDU) and a small, unobtrusive outdoor unit (ODU), the subscriber terminal transmits data at rates above 2Mbps up to 3.5 and receives at rates up to 72 Mbps.

GOSAT Ku band antenna and ViaSAT surfbeam modem
Transportable Ku band antenna  and Viasat Surfbeam modem.

My comments:
The built-in wireless LAN1 seems to be a new addition to the Surfbeam modem design.
The transmission of bit rates 2 - 3.5Mbit/s will require a suitably large dish or BUC power.

Plug & Play
Always-on high-speed connectivity
Sophisticated quality of service (QoS)
Built-in TCP and Web acceleration functions
Built-in firewall and network address translation (NAT)1
Built-in security against theft-of-service and theft-of-subscriber
10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces
High bandwidth file transfer

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