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Satellite Internet in Tajikistan: NGO "Discovery Global"

This company is able to help regarding satellite internet operations in the Eutelsat W6 and Express AM22 / Sesat-2 satellite coverage maps indicated below.

Quality VSAT services are available based on SkyStar, Viasat LinkStar and iDirect technology.

Transmission methods are SCPC/SCPC, SCPC/DVB, DVB-RCS/DVB and DVB-IP.

Services include internet access, VoIP, video, GSM connection, broadcast etc.

SESAT-2 coverage - satellite internet in Tajikistan

Eutelsat W6 satellite internet in Tajikistan

Express AM22 (Sesat 2) satellite at 53 deg east longitude.

Coverage: Steerable S1 beam
Transponder: A8
Downlink Rx Freq: 12716 GHz
Pol: Vertical
S/R: 27500 Msps
FEC: 2/3

Eutelsat W6 satellite at 21.4 deg east longitude.

Coverage: Widebeam
Transponder: D8
Downlink Rx Freq: 11616.660 GHz
Pol: Horizontal
S/R: 27.5 Msps

Logo for Discovery Global - satellite internet link provider in Tajikistan

Contact details:

Email: info@discovery-global.net

Web:  http://www.discovery-global.net

Address: 142/6, K. Khujandi str., Khujand, Tajikistan

The objective is to provide satellite links and internet access at cost effective prices. Ideal for developing businesses throughout Central Asia and the Middle East.

Countries covered include Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan is shown in green on both maps simply to help me learn where it is - the green colour has no other significance !

Satellite communications is technically feasible throughout the coverage contours shown with larger diameter dishes needed in the outer contours.

When you email, please tell them your location and explain the services you are looking for.

Information kindly provided by Discovery Global Team.

This is not a paid for advertisement.

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