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InetSky is a reseller who provides high-speed Internet connections via satellite using a 96cm - 1.8m satellite dish terminal. There is no need to use the terrestrial infrastructure.

A LinkStar© satellite modem or iDirect© satellite modem lets you connect to the Internet from an individual computer (PC or MAC), or from an entire network of computers.

The satellite modem consists of a special box with an Ethernet interface, connected to a 96cm satellite dish and its LNB and BUC by two cables.  Other configurations are available with 1.2m or 1.8m diameter antennas and also mobile antenna

The service is based on a satellite transmit/receive capability, so that any company or other institution can have immediate high-speed access from anywhere* in the Middle East & North Africa. * Please note that export of ViaSat LinkStar to Iran is not allowed.   Coverage areas do not imply that operation is allowed everywhere within the beam.

Shared bandwidth or dedicated bandwidth is possible.   Shared bandwidth is less expensive but you run the risk of congestion when other people are using the network heavily.

LinkStar RCST satellite internet access modem
LinkStar RCST satellite internet access modem

iDirect routers
iDirect routers

Dedicated bandwidth is more expensive but will make any congestion your responsibility and under your own control.

For Prices for Services & Satellite Modem (LinkStar DVB-RCS or iDirect) E-mail: sales@inetsky.net

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