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Clipper RTW virtual sailing race 2015: Leg 4, Albany to Sydney, Australia.

This is the log of one leg of the virtual round the world sailing race game. This stage distance is 2270 miles and took 10 - 11 days.

Prior to the start, on Tuesday 1st December 2015, I read this team briefing note from Marcilly  (23 Nov). The text is translated from the French, so that may explain some of the strange words.

Hello, good evening, I take a period of calm, except for madmen who have embarked on the Jules Verne, to talk about as expected the general individual classification. Reminder: This classification is made ​​on the sidelines of the Challenge Team, and only the participants in the Challenge can be included.

After 3 races a first hierarchy is beginning to emerge in both AO than in SO but next a wildcard introduction will allow a competitor who has missed a race to rebuild the icing. For the record there will be 3 jokers on the individual general classification, against 2 for the Team Challenge. The first wildcard for the race will take place 5, the second wildcard to race 9 and the third and final wildcard will be taken into account from the race 12.

Well after what seems like Valerie blah blah, talking little but talk well and see to mind?

In AO, our Polish friend piorun the Polish Team 2 Zegluj quite clearly dominates with a beautiful regularity, the Phaeton AVL AVL Bistrot follows the fairly close too with a nice consistency to prior posts, third place is occupied by the discreet brionne86 DT Dream Team. Between the 3rd and the 6th there are only 6 points gap is very tight.

In the first one falls 10 AO the presence of a Polish Team Zegluj 2 ... of two Bar AVL, a Dream Team three EZpiègles, a BALEZ, an ADM and ARB KC.

Among SO is Taberly- AVL TMSO of dance that leads to another Polish TomekN the Polish Team Zegluj 2 ... and his team mate TMSO Biorne. These three stand out in 7 points. Behind between 4° and 10° is the rat race, the introduction of a joker from the race so 5 could change the classification and I am thinking particularly RIC49 and especially Marius Jacob, each of these two competitors being completely missed on a sleeve.

In the first 10 SO is therefore notes the presence of five TMSO unsurprisingly, a Polish Team Zegluj 2, ARB KC, two EZpiègles and CPMG.

Classement général individuel SO :

1 taberly-AVL 14
2 TomekN 16
3 biorne 21
4 kaechon camp 14 30
5 Pamela 22-EZ 31

6 drakkar53 BRA KC 36
7 Aristode-EZ 37
8 Pamela 75-EZ 37
9 tame bird 37
10 cervantes9 42
11 passager_du_vent 57
12 Marcilly 59
13 jenesaispasnager007 66
14 pirate_d_aghmat 66
15 RIC49 67
16 Marius Jacob - EZ 71
17 Waga 72
18 BRA KCette 74
19 jbenretard 75
20 Krystaliczny_zegluj 76
21 ARGENTON abers29 78
22 basketeure 84
23 Neroli EZ 85
24 Barbebleux_sgps 87
26 alizee1952 sgps 88
27 Dr_Now DT 97
28 krakwi ACB 97
29 Whopila 101
30 BOILEAU94 102
31 ACB and2938 107
33 Wojtek64 111
34 montoulieu-ACB 115
35 dady44 SGPS_FVR 117
36 Mullionman 119
37 toto791 123
38 UtoClaude 127
39 mdados 139
40 Aberlady 147
41 cgnial BRA KC 149
42 pieroger 149
43 kikiwis56 ACB 150
44 alesi84 SGPS 151
45 conejolapin SLT PYR 154
46 arbracam EZ 155
47 Javebzh Abers29 155
48 Phil Tulipe DT 156
49 Toumou26 EZ-NAP 157
50 Aurel2500 SGPS 161
51 dospassos 161
52 labellemarie BRA KC 161
53 Snaggletooth 162
54 Marcoprolo 168
55 pollux SGPS FV-R 168
56 Pere Don Camillo 171
57 Xoque Frite 171
58 La Nani 17 DT 182
59 satsig.net 183
60 LELORN abers29 187
61 Minzapint 188
62 nolanSGPS-abers29 196
63 redoutable rouge 197
64 phil black EZ 198
65 kerye 1 abers29 201
66 torquemada 204
67 phildentaire 205
68 iffic64 206
69 So Wrenic 217
70 la guernouille SGPS 222
71 chtiroux1 223
72 Parastone SO NAP 226
73 irishjamm DT 228
74 fibus 229
75 Trollskipper 229
76 nevet nap 234
77 ViveLePilotBoat 236
78 antoine13300 LLH 240
79 N53 242
80 Beowulf 1 245
81 JMR63 246
82 fran403181(PYR) 251
83 SOLENZO92 251
84 flambouyant 253
85 Albatros 94 NAP 256
86 Cacofrux 56 EZ 257
87 olivier9583 257
88 mptpat 259
89 ASIATE 263
90 urysohn 263
91 KORAA-EZ 264
92 baba-au-rhum 265
93 nono2027 265
94 sisangha NAP 265
95 Didier SLT SGPS FV-R 267
96 onyx276 ACB 270
97 supmsb sonap bra kc 270
98 Tabarlich 275
99 Whispered Ghost 276
100 huditojo 277
101 ESUBIEN A3V 280
102 furax14 283
104 BlackPearl abers29 285
105 grandcamp14 287
106 Jef2003 290
107 madeira kiss 290
108 SALYEN LLH 294
109 chauffar2 297
110 cfc003 298
111 Wrenic Abers29 298
112 Gaelou911 299
113 Lady Phyllis May 300
114 danyboy1 304
115 Joanev Meldeview 307
116 marco 56 TAL-EZ 307
118 tabletop 312
119 bianphebel NAP 313
120 kobaya-DT 313
121 Syrius 1 315
122 Carmel08 327
123 TeleBocal.org 328
124 elogoodbye Danfers 331
125 JACK67 R99 ACB 334
126 Eric 62 335
127 claudiusabers29 344
128 ps3macif LLH 344
129 Le Requin de Bourbon 346
130 Team-abers29 347
131 Stool Pigeon 351
132 APIQual-Jos EZ 352
133 BlackD06-Danfers-AVL 352
134 SALYEN LLH 353

To join in the Clipper sailing race game go to Virtual Regatta (external link) and invent your boat. Its free of charge for a boat with basic sails and manual steering. You can pay for options: faster pro sails, a route waypoints programming capability and automatic locking of the wind angle. Boats with options are called AO (avec options). Boats without options are called SO (sans options). In the team competition the scores for SO and AO boats are adjusted to compensate for the difference.  Obviously, in the main individual boats race, an AO boat does better and has more chance of winning a prize. The number of competitors is over 34,124.

Our Britpack 7 team comprises 8 boats, the first 5 of which will score in each race. We have a 9th boat, Kames Bay, standing by, in case someone wants a rest.

In preparation for the start of leg 4, on 1st Dec, here is what the start of leg 2, from Rio looked like from a helicopter:

Watch a video below showing Clipper 70's:

When viewing these, please remember that for many in the crews this is their first time out in a proper race and a significant wind.

Round the World Clipper race. Leg 4 route: Albany to Sydney, Australia

13 hours to go before the start at 5:30am GMT tomorrow, and this is what the weather forecast looks like for the first hour and a half.

Clipper 1516 race: start of Leg 4 : Possible route

If the wind forecast (as above, issued 5pm 30Nov) is true from 7am (1st Dec), following the start, then my possible route is as indicated.

After the start

Here is what actually happened after the 5:30am start. I noticed that no other boats on my screen were proposing to pass inside the island at the top right of the chart so I simply followed the general consensus and went east, then turned NE once the wind changed at 7am.

Clipper sailing race, first day out of Albany

6:45pm 1st Dec 2015: Instead of following the leaders at the top right I turned SE, mid day, rather too early, due to my misunderstanding of the weather forecast. I've tried to correct this but still may have lost a few miles-or more ! The wind arrows shown refer to the 12H forecast, from 7pm onwards till 7am tomorrow. I expect most boats will turn SE.

I'm out and about much of the time during this race so won't be doing so much image collection and daily updates from now on.

Craigleith Island
The view from I am now. Craigleith Island.

You can send text and images by email. All welcome to eric@satsig.net but it may be several days before it is added to the page.

Sailing 2nd Dec 2915

Sailing across the Great Australian Bight

zezo sailing race prediction results

This is an example of a 'zezo' computer prediction of suggested course based on a weather forecast. This can be a helpful suggestion for the next 24 hours or so, but if the weather is fast moving and unstable then accurate deteriorates for further days.  The black lines represent 12 hour wind updates.

On the way to Australia

Approaching Tasmania
I felt I was doing quite well at this point ! I've removed all the boats with 'pro' sails to give a better impression!

Some of the 35000 boats passing South East Cape

View of all the boats rounding the southern cost of Tasmania. Note the marker we must pass at Hobart.

Leading in the basic sails group

Looking really good. Mullionman, Aberlady and myself are in that leading basic sails group. Note that all the boats to the east (to the right) have 'pro' sails and are in a race class of their own.

,Approaching the Clipper 1516 Race finish in Sydney

Now for my disaster. Having rounded Tasmania, I went close up the coast instead of heading further out. The effect was to lose some 330 places overnight. I regained most of these the next day but still was too far west to get the favourable winds.

Well done Mullionman

I fell back gradually and finished 911th.  Well done Mullionman who came in first at 633rd. In fact well done everybody who finally finishes!



First 5 in the Britpack 7 team to count
Team positions. The first 5 in the Britpack 7 team count.  I will add the overall summary here in due course.

Watch a video below showing Clipper 70's participating the Sydney to Hobart race 2015:

Some instructions on how to sail:

If the objective is upwind, that is you need to go against the wind direction, then steer in a zig-zag fashion, approx 42 deg either side of the wind.  The wind angle displayed will be 42 deg or -42 deg.  When you tack, though an angle of 84 deg, you boat will briefly slow down (10% slower during next 10 minutes), so minimise the number of tacks or zig-zags.

If the objective is downwind, that is you need go down in the direction which the wind is blowing towards, then steer in a zig-zag fashion, approx 38 deg either side of directly downwind.  The wind angle displayed will be 142 deg or -142 deg.  When you gybe, through an angle of 76 deg, your boat will briefly slow down so minimise the number of gybes or zig-zags.

Clipper 70 polar

If you look at the "POLAR" corresponding to the wind speed you can determine what wind angle to apply. In the case of upwind or downwind sailing use 42 deg or 142 deg as illustrated for 9.8 knot wind speed.

For other directions, where the wind is more or less sideways consider steering approximately directly towards the objective. If the objective is a very long way away it may be better to choose a wind angle where your velocity made good (VMG), towards the objective, is the highest. You will not be going directly towards the objective but you will be getting closer to it most rapidly. An example is shown in orange. The objective is very far away to the left, at 90 deg to the wind. The optimum steering wind angle for best VMG is 110 deg, you are 20 deg 'off course' but your boat speed is 9.5 kts and VMG speed is 8.7 kts, compared with 8.3kts if you steered at exactly 90 wind angle.

I've made a calculator that is supposed to help: Clipper 70 VMG calculator but I make no claim or guarantee that it gives correct results!

Note the important broad reach where the boat speed is maximum, around 120 deg wind angle. This peaking up of the boat speed is particularly apparent at higher wind speeds.

The best wind angles vary a bit with wind speed, so always look at the polars. Tacking upwind is typically about 41-45 deg either way. Downwind it can be 30-40 deg approx either way from directly downwind, i.e. 150-140 wind angle.

Directly downwind is 180 deg wind angle and is slow. Directly upwind is 0 deg wind angle and you briefly stop and then start going backwards!

End of nannying...

Clipper teams: Leg 4 results

In race 4 our team came 21st, with 309 points. Overall we are running 20th with 1049 points and no discards.

It might be an idea to add these following Team TMSO boats (all sans options SO, like us) to your screen display:

kaechon camp 14
Pamela 75-EZ
tame bird

Maybe we can then work out how they do so well !

Next races - but check for actual start times:

26/12/2015 ---- Leg 5, Sydney - Hobart , 710 miles, 3 days
02/01/2016 ---- Leg 6, Hobart  - Airlie Beach , 1600 miles, 6 days

If you want to add comment or images here please email me eric@satsig.net

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