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Clipper Atlantic crossing: virtual sailing race 2016:  New York to Londonderry

If you want to join the next real race starting in summer 2017 go to https://clipperroundtheworld.com/apply.

Meanwhile watch a video below based on previous legs 10 and 11, from Seattle to Panama and Panama to New York.

Race 12 started 20th June with steady winds from the south east, so a nice broad reach with spinnaker, all sailing along together,  across the Atlantic from West to East.

After the sailing race start, approaching Martha's Vineyard island
09:43 21st June.  Approaching Martha's Vineyard island on the port side.

View of the entire fleet
This overview of all the boats shows two streams, split by passing Nantucket island. The forward two groups are the boats with the faster pro sails.

qtvlm sailing race computer simulation

A qtvlm computer simulation of what mighjt be a good route for the next seven 12 hours intervals. The real boats have similar routing software which uses an an input the GRIB files issued every 12 hours. The data is available in 3 hour increments but fot the game 12 hour increments is appropriate.

22 June 10:46am.   Leading boats at top right, all with 'pro' class sails.

22 June 23:45. Late in the evening, steady winds and steady progress with a few 'pro' boats overtaking in past 12 hours.


23 June: more of the same.

21:05 23rd June 2016: 14.5 kts is nice, sailing at about the optimum wing angle (approx 120 - 135 deg) for highest speed.

I'm now a bit stuck. Travelling to Scotland and only having use of tiny screen WiFi device. The screen shots that follow were dumped to memory on the Samsung S3 mini by pressing the Home button and power button simultaneously. Later you can extract them using a USB cable to a PC and navigating to directory This PC > GT-I8190N > Phone > Pictures > Screenshots

Note how above the fleet is more or less all following the same course. The lead group are the ones with pro sails, the rear group have the standard sails.


26 June    07:11:52am    This is a key moment in the race.  About one third of the fleet has split and is going due east while the rest continue north. Note the wind shown is the 12 hrs ahead forecast.. east. Boats do not normally go directly downwind as it is faster to go at about 142 deg wind angle and gybe from time to time.

26 June  18:34pm This scales picture show the objective - Londonderry in Northern Ireland.  I'm in the northern group. Note the line of boats in the southern group which appear to be ahead slightly at this time.


28th 06:44am Getting close to the finish now. Note the close bunching of the leading pro boats in the orange circle and leading standard class in red.


30th June 06:17 Aberlady is a little in front and to the right.

30th June 07:02 30th Close together before the turn. I'm on the inside but will overshoot by a mile or two.

30th June 07:17 Turning the corner, Aberlady is on the inside and has turned nicely without overshooting.  I'm now on the outside with the white circle.  Without using waypoints it is difficult to navigate closely round headlands as the boat position advances in 10 minute intervals, e.g. goes a 2 mile straight line increment at 12 kts.

Satsig.net and Aberlady finish in Londonderry at the same time

30th June 2016 07:30:02am.  Myself and Aberlady finished in Londonderry at the same time exactly!  I was busy looking for the anchor and inflatable fenders ready to raft up with 1200 boats around the finish.


30th June 2016:    07:30:34   A few minutes later and Minzapint crosses the line just 30 places behind and 14 minutes !


07:30:53 Next, Mullionman also coming in close behind.


Results leg 12

We got 5 boats within the top 1656 boats. Well done everyone! Congratulations again to Kames Bay.

Team position results in race 12:

1 32 CPMGandCO
2 45 TMSO
3 64 EZpi?gles
4 67 Clipper et sans reproche BRA KC
5 136 Les ADM
6 140 Le bistrot AVL
7 141 ACB 1
8 151 Polish Team Zegluj 2
9 158 BalEZ
10 171 Polish Team Zegluj 1
11 177 ACB 2
12 198 LLH
13 208 Abers29
14 211 Team Sgps F-vr 2
15 220 CLIPP1516 BRITPACK7
16 229 EZpadons
17 245 Abers29-2
18 250 Team Sgps F-vr 1
20 258 Danfers & friends
22 320 Dream team
24 368 Sauver Clipper le dauphin
25 377 POR Team

Well done everyone: We came 15th in this race.

Next race (13), Londonderry to Den Helder in Holland. Start: Sunday 17th July

Final race (14), Den Helder to London.  Start 27th July.  (subject to change)

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