Middle east satellite providers

DigitalSkys, iDirect hub Cyprus

Global Telecom (MENA)







ICCES, Satway Dubai Saudi

Vizocom VSAT satellite internet for Asia

BusinessCom offer the following VSAT services in the Middle East area.

Free VoIP phone and calls to the USA.

Contact e-mail:  vsat-satsigs@bcsatellite.net

iDirect Evolution X3 router
iDirect Evolution X3 router

• Integrated PEP-iDirect Solution based on Infiniti and Evolution Architecture

- Hardware/software complex to unleash all the Infiniti and Evolution architecture advantages

- 1:4 and 1:8 ratios and guaranteed CIR quota for business quality VoIP, Videoconferencing and streaming demands

- Individual QoS (Bandwidth Management) and Firewall setup, 98.2% network uptime guaranteed by SLA, link monitoring tools

- Approved for large Wireless ISP networks: free of any TCP session limitations as opposed to standard iDirect systems.

More pdf information about iDirect Evolution:

iDirect-Evolution-X3-specification.pdf (502k pdf)

iDirect-Evolution-DVB-S2-technology.pdf (98k pdf)

iDirect-Evolution-X3-specification.pdf (179k pdf)

Example DVB data stream receiver*

• SCPC, DVB and Frame Relay Satellite Backbones

- Dedicated backbone connectivity for Global Service Providers and VoIP carriers worldwide
- Automatic link health monitoring and reporting, inexpensive burstable options, DLCI/8PSK circuits with best price/bit
- Major worldwide-known teleport landing and 1st tier redundant terrestrial connectivity
- Free of charge and unlimited UNIX and network engineering consultations, 24x7x365 technical support

* This image refers only to a typical DVB outlink receiver which can extract a dedicated bit stream, from a large DVB carrier, for the specific VSAT terminal.  An SCPC/DVB terminal normally needs two boxes, one for DVB receive and one for SCPC transmit.

LinkStar RCST VSAT modem

• DVB/RCS LinkStar-based Services

- Operated in the Eutelsat W3A, NewSkies NSS-6 and RSCC Express AM-22/AM-11 beam coverages

- TCP/HTTP Acceleration (PEP) with bandwidth compressor saving 30% of overall capacity (Windows/Linux versions)

- Full service range, starting from 112 EUR/month and going up to 4 Mbit/s, dedicated segments available, 1:1

Contact e-mail:  vsat-satsigs@bcsatellite.net

More information is available at their web site: http://www.bcsatellite.net/ 

They make use of the following satellites: Intersputnik LMI-1, PanAmSat PAS-4, Eutelsat Eurobird II, W1, W6 and W3A, RSCC Express AM-22, NewSkies NSS-6 and NSS-7, Loral Skynet Telstar-10 and Telstar-12, Intelsat IS-1002, IS-906, IS-702, Telenor Thor-III, Gascom Yamal-202, SES AMERICOM AMC-12, EurAsiaSat-1 (TurkSat 2A) and NSAB Sirius-II

Resellers are welcomed to contact directly - maxim.usatov@bcsatellite.net  for applications.

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